Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai written update today- Goenka Villa, Everyone is Busy With Kartik and Vedika’s Mehendi Ceremony Preparations but Aditya Disrupts Kartik and Vedika’s Mehendi Ceremony and announces that Naira is alive.

At Goenka Villa, everyone is busy with Kartik and Vedika’s mehendi ceremony preparations. On the other hand, Aditya is shooting Naira’s video when a taxi driver spots him and runs after him.

Naira also runs after him and asks Aditya to listen to her once. She follows Aditya’s car and begs him to hear her out once. Meanwhile, everyone is celebrating Kartik and Vedika’s Mehendi ceremony.

Kartik recalls all the incidents which made him feel a resemblance between Kairav and Naira and wondered whether or not Kairav was their child. Aditya claiming that Naira was still alive haunted him and he was shell-shocked with the possibility of Naira being alive. Here, Aditya makes a video footage of Naira, so that he could show that to Kartik as a proof, however, his phone’s screen gets damaged as he bumps into something and falls on the road. But Goenka villa’s everone shocked after aditya’s words.