Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Latest updates- Aditya tells Kartik “Naira is alive but Kartik Dosen’t believe Him”. Naira reaches the kuldevi temple to offer prayers for the well being of her son Kairav. It is shown that Suhasini dadi, Swarna and Kartik also arrive to offer prayers at the temple. Naira prays to God for the welfare of her son.

Kartik is unable to see Naira as she had left the temple on time. Dadi sees the silver trinklet offered by Naira and realises it is offered when someone’s child is in danger.

Naira sneaks out of the temple before Kartik can spot her. But someone holds her from behind and she is shocked to find Aditya.

Keerti’s ex-husband Aditya sees Naira at the temple. Aditya asks her how is she alive and that he had heard news of her death. Naira leaves from there and Aditya shouts her name. Kartik overhears Naira’s name and he finds Aditya there.

Kartik gets angry at Aditya for shouting Naira’s name. Aditya then tells Kartik that Naira is alive and that he saw her. But Kartik doesn’t believe him and says she is dead. Naira keeps watching all this from a distance.

In this episode of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, Aditya comes to know the truth about Naira being alive and to provide proof to Kartik he records Naira’s video and reaches Goenka house. Watch the video to know more.