In Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Latest Updates- Arijit wants to kill Raman. Ishita found Raman with a masked man. She wanted to know where Raman was.

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Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Latest Updates- Arijit wants to kill Raman 1

She got worried on not finding Raman. The entire family reached Ishita to pacify her. Ishita called out Raman from her heart, which reached him. She got moved thinking of Raman’s struggles in the kidnapper’s clutches. She wished to reach Raman soon and get him home. Raman got conscious for a while and felt like Ishita was close to him. He knew that Ishita will rescue him and he just needed to keep patience. He tried hard to free himself, but in vain. Ruhi and Karan told Ishita that they had done wrong to count on outsiders and leave her to face risk; they would not like to put Ishita in trouble again by leaving her alone in the big plan. They wanted to be with Ishita to back up.

They didn’t want to believe anyone again. Raman heard Bhuvan talking about Ishita. He realized that Bhuvan had kidnapped