Ye Rista Kya Kehlata Hai episode dated 08-08-2019 starts with Both praying seperately for their son where none of aware of it. Naira says thanks to god for Making Kartik take care of his son and she is very happy that Surgery will happen in Udaipur itself.

Kartik wonder why he is so fond of this child and felt some connection.

Naira then goes to hospital as the procedure starts. Kairav suddenly faints and he is rushed to ICU.

Next scene move to Haldi ritual of Kartik and Vedika. but something bad happens.

Bowl full of Haldi drops and everyone is shocked and sees it as a bad omen.

In Hospital Naira is very worried and she hurriedly messeged Dr pallavi but mistakingly it is sent to Kartik instead. Kartik reads the message.