Kartik receives message from Kairav’s mother. But soon his family member gathered around him and asked him to come down for the ceremonies. And other side Vedika in bridal avatar looking so beautiful than everybody was surprised to look her.

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Other side Kairav health gone down, as Tensed and nervous Naira enquires from the hospital staff about her son’s health. One of the staff members reveals that it seems Kairav has a rare complication. And they are waiting for the senior surgeon to come and take a look.

Then Lisa asks Naira to call Kartik for help and tell him everything about Kairav because Kairav his son. Naira cries her heart out thinking that Kartik is about to get married in a few hours. And how can I disturb him on this day.

Just when Kartik is about to step out from the house, Suhasini stops him. She argues with him and tells him that he cannot leave the wedding venue now.

Multiple thoughts make Naira vulnerable. She feels completely heartbroken. Before the wedding ceremonies kick-start, Suhasini and the entire family assemble in front of Naira’s photograph. They take blessings from late Naira and recall beautiful moments they spent together in the past.

Kartik goes meesing from mandap but after few menutes he came back ceremony but didn’t answer where he goes.

Other side Naira going to meet Kartik to tell about Kairav and his relationship.

Lisa asks Naira to think about it for one last time. Meanwhile, Kartik goes missing from the mandap. But later when he arrives, the entire Goenka family is shocked. And Nira on the other hand finally decides to come face to face.