Who Is BINOD? How Slayy Point Created a VIRAL Meme

Who Is BINOD? How Slayy Point Created a VIRAL Meme. We are going to tell you the full story behing this insane social Media Madness.
Binod memes started when Indian Youtuber Abhyudaya Mohan uploaded a video “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage” on Slayy Point. In the video, he showed what the Indian Internet community posts in the comment section of Youtube videos.

One of the screenshots from the video which went viral is a Youtube user “Binod Tharu” who just wrote Binod as a comment in a youtube video. Soon, social media users started posting “Binod” comments on all Youtubers live streams which started the trend of Binod.

Who is Binod? How did the Binod trend start? What do Binod comments mean?

Well this video will answer all your questions!
Special Thanks to BB ki Vines – Bhuvan Bam, Technical Guruji, BeerBiceps, Angry Prash & The Great Khali for collaborating with us for this binodta se bhari video 🙂 and to YOU SlayyFam for making this viral.

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