Vishal Sonkar Dance Deewane 2 Contestant- Audition Performances

Vishal Sonkar is a young delivery boy, who believed in his passion for dance, mesmerized the judges with his performance. Vishal Sonkar, a 23 year old from Jamshedpur has given up his delivery boy job to try and make dance his career.

Vishal has been fighting all odds and has been working odd jobs and hours to be able to fend for his mother’s treatment.

His mom has been suffering from arthritis that has dried all their funds and Vishal has shown great determination to be able to help her in every way he can.

Shashank went up on stage to embrace Vishal, said, “I commend you for never giving up irrespective the tough situations you’ve faced in life. Your performance has been one of the best I’ve seen. You can take your mom to the best doctor get her treated and I will take care of the expenses. You just concentrate on your dance and pursue your talent. I wish you all the best and hope that all your dreams come true.” 

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