UTTAR RAMAYAN 29TH APRIL 2020 Episode UPDATE – EPISODE 11:-  In the ashram, Valmiki forsees the fate of Lav-Kush’s life in astrology. At the same time, Ram gets the news that Agastya Rishi has done penance by staying in samadhi in water for years. Ram himself visits his darshan.

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Luv and Kush ask him if Ram and Sita’s story has ended here. Valmiki says that it hasn’t ended yet and he will tell them the last part of the story on the right time. Luv and Kush ask Valmiki why Ram let Sita go when he was so sure about her purity. Valmiki replies that Sita wanted to sacrifice too. Kush says that it is not necessary that a husband has to listen a wife when she is wrong.

Previously we saw Ram-Siya’s Luv Kush is now all grown up and very naughty. Sita Maa makes her Lav Kush a bow. Mother teaches them to use arrow and bow. At the same time, Maharishi Valmiki also teaches the bow and arrow to both the boys.

Here, both Love and Kush leave for Sandhya Vandan. Nagraj is inhabited at the same time under the tree where he sits to worship. In such a situation, Nagraj comes in front of the children. All these scenes are seen by Valmiki. 


They get worried that the two children should not be afraid to see Nagraj. Therefore, he orders Muni Sridhar to tell Nagaraja to go to some other place. However, both boys are told not to do so. They say that no animal should suffer. If we do not trouble anyone, they will not give it to us. Therefore Nagraj will not go anywhere.

Now in Ayodhaya The minister tells Raja Ram that the whole people are happy in your state, despite the atmosphere of joy everywhere, the people are getting a little relaxed, in such a situation, you have to do something which will change the stability slightly. The minister says that the enthusiasm of the subjects can be increased through celebrations.

After listening to the minister, Raja Ram decides to celebrate the festival to encourage the people and says that it will be appropriate to perform a yajna for the destruction of sins. Rama while preparing the yagna ordered the minister that this yagna should be the greatest yagna in history, donate it to the people till they get tired of taking donations.

All people, irrespective of who they are, are invited for this yagya. At the same time, questions are being raised in Ayodhya about Sita Mata that Maharaj Ram may abandon Sita and remarry. When Ram ji learns that talks are going on in Ayodhya about his marriage, he gets very upset. Ram ji says that even after knowing the sanctity of Sita, how did people think that they would marry another.

King Rama tells the sages that we have given up everything for our subjects, but I will not marry another, whatever happens. The sage tells them that it is not possible to perform a yajna without a wife.

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