Yes indeed Type Bhikari in Google and Pakistani PM Imran Khan is the Best Result. Bhikari is the Hindi word for Beggar.

Considering the Fact that he was one considered once the Hottest man in Pakistan and now a beggar, it is really a big drop in his popularity i say!

Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has become the latest victim of ridicule on Twitter after netizens discovered that his pictures pop up when one searches for ‘bhikari’ (beggar) on Google Search. For unknown reasons the search engine giant threw up images of Khan when one searched the word ‘bhikari’.

The Way Most probably google search works that it looks at any posts associated with Term Bhikhari in recent articles, social media posts and other forums and has found that many threads call him as Bikaari. Then trough its Rank Brain AI technology it serves them as search results to users.

Type Bhikari in Google and go to Image Tab

Even for Begger or Garib Imran Khan Image pops up in Google

Images of Imran Khan as Bhikari / Bhikhari / Bikhari Trending Today