Nazar 2 Serial All Details

Nazar 2 or The Bad Omen is an Indian supernatural thriller horror Serial which aired on Star Plus and streams on Hotstar. It was produced by Gul Khan and Karishma Jain under 4 Lions Films, directed by Atif Khan and written by Mrinal Jha.

After an amazing run for almost a year and a half, the first season ended on 18th February 2020 , immediately after which NAZAR 2 / the second season began the next day.

Nazar 2 serial details
Nazar 2 serial details

Nazar 2 Serial Story

The story starts with a 200 years old Daayan, Mohana, who kills people’s age to remain young. In 1997, She had captured Mridul with her evil sight, who belongs to the Rathod family.

Their married gave them Ansh and Kajal. Mohana’s intention was killing Mridul slowly to remain young. But The Rathods was unaware. After the dead of Mridul, Mohana was revealed by Divya.

She had burnt Mohana and had become frozen in stone. But Mohana as a Daayan, her evil eye (Nazar) will never leave their family. Vedashree had adopted Ansh and Kajal.

After 21 years later, Ansh and Kajal has cousins, Rishi and Neha. Ansh may look like a normal, but as the 200 years old Daayan’s son, he has some supernatural powers, which is called the Daavansh.

Vedashree always worried about Ansh. A priest told them that a girl can save the Ansh from Daayan, who had a Goddess Durga’s birth mark.

Piya has that mark on her shoulder, which works like an Amulet. Meanwhile, Ansh and Piya can read their minds and feels their breath. But Mohana had send her puppet, a Daayan, Ruby.

If Ruby marries Ansh then Mohana could return into the earth.


Nazar 2 Serial Star Cast / What is the real name of Nazar characters?

The Main cast of Nazar 2 includes Antara Biswas, Shruti Sharma, Sheezan Mohammad, Anjali Gupta, Sumit Kaul, Tamanna

Nazar 1 Characters Real Name
Antara Biswas – Monalisa as Mohana RathodNiyati Fatnani as Piya Sharma
Smita Bansal as Divya SharmaAshita Dhawan as Chaitali Rathod
Pallavi Gupta as Kajal RathodResham P.S. as Neha Rathod
Kapil Sony as Avinash RathodSonyaa Miss India New Zealand as Ruby

Star Plus’s Nazar 2 Serial Date, Timing

Nazar 2, Mon-Fri at 11pm only on StarPlus and Hotstar.

Star Plus’s Nazar 2 starts from 19th Feb 2020, Mon-Fri at 11:00 PM only on Star Plus and Hotstar.

How to Watch Online Nazar 2 Serial

Nazar – › nazar

… Madhulika is ready to sacrifice her own brother Apurv, but the question still remains, who can stop her? Watch Nazar – Hindi Thriller serial on Hotstar now.