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Revengeful TV Saga Beyhadh 2  is an Indian television serial which premiered on 2 December 2019 on Sony TV India. It stars Jennifer Winget, Ashish Chaudhary and Shivin Narang.

BEYHADH 2 SERIAL Date, New Timing

First episode date: 2 December 2019

The makers of Beyhadh 2 recently announced that the air time of the show will change from March 16, 2020. Check the details of the new air timings of the show.

Beyhadh 2 is slated to air at 10.30 PM from March 16, 2020.

Dekhiye Maya ke badle ka khel ab ek naye samay par- #Beyhadh2, 16 March se, Mon-Fri raat 10:30 baje.’


Maya Jaisingh is left heartbroken when she is betrayed by the man she loves, MJ. Filled with hatred, she decides to avenge herself by destroying the one thing he holds dear, his family.

When limitless love turns into limitless hatred, Beyhadh-2 Maya (Jennifer Winget) is back with a brand-new season of Beyhadh2, this time to take revenge from Roy Family.

This is the story of Maya who would stop at nothing to avenge herself. And everyone in the path will have to become collateral damage!

Maya Jaisingh, an internationally best-selling author prepares an agenda to take revenge from her biggest enemy, Mrityunjay “MJ” Roy, a business tycoon.

She vows to destroy the one thing he holds his sons, Rudra & Rishi Roy. MJ on the other side is unaware that his biggest enemy has returned to avenge the atrocities committed by him 10 years ago.

Maya saves Rishi from drowning who falls for her while she tricks Rudra to accept her offer to be his company’s investor and publish her latest book, “Beyhadh”.

Maya then tricks Rishi to propose her. Rudra’s business partner, Ananya is in love with him but Rudra considers her only a friend. MJ’s facade of a loving husband is exposed when he mistreats and threatens Antara.

MJ orders Aamir, to invite Rudra’s investor to his Masquerade Party but Rajeev introduces himself as the investor and saves Maya. It is revealed that MJ is secretly having an affair with Dr. Diya. On Maya’s urgings Rishi joins Rudra’s office as an intern. Elsewhere, Rudra and Maya start falling for each other.

Later, Maya tricks Rishi into slitting his wrist to convince MJ for their wedding. Rishi does so and dies. Nilanjana leaves Roy Mansion blaming MJ for Rishi’s death. MJ vows to kill the woman behind Rishi’s death but in vain.

Later, MJ asks Rudra and Ananya to get married. As a part of her plan, Maya traps Rudra and goes to Rishikesh. Rudra realises his love for Maya and follows her to Rishikesh. After confessing their feelings, Rudra and Maya finally marry. The Roys are shocked to see Maya as Rudra’s wife.

Later, Maya recalls her nasty past wherein, she was betrayed by MJ, the man she loved. The deadly story begins when Manvi Singh (Maya’s original name) fell in love with MJ after he proposed her. But after knowing that Manvi is pregnant with his baby, MJ reveals his truth and asks her to abort the child.

She feels betrayed and calls for a Press Conference. Therefore, she is beaten by MJ’s partners which lead to her miscarriage. As a result of his atrocities she returns back as Maya Jaisingh after 10 years to destroy MJ.

Back in the present, as a part of his plans, MJ brings Nandini and Aditya to house. It is revealed that Nandini suffered from amnesia and forgot about Manvi and believed that Manas has abandoned her, unaware of his death. Maya following her plan, manipulates Roys to send Diya to Mental Hospital.

Later, Maya plots against Antara and leaves Roy Mansion with Nandini and Rudra. She uses “Divide and Rule” policy and makes Antara fight against MJ which completely shocks him.

Antara creates her account in a dating app making MJ furious. Elsewhere, Adi and Anu plots against Maya for which she threatens Ananya.



  • Maya Jai Singh (Jennifer Winget) is an internationally best-selling author. She prepares an agenda to destroy her biggest enemy “MJ,” who had betrayed an innocent “Manvi Singh” (Maya’s Former Name) and killed her unborn child and brother Manas. As a part of her deadly plots, she joins Rudra’s company as an investor and writer whereas she tricks Rishi to propose her. She kills Rishi and falls in love with Rudra. She marries Rudra and renames herself, “Maya Rudra Roy.” She gradually takes revenge from all of her enemies in Roy Mansion (2019—present)
  • Rudra Roy aka “Rudy” (Shivin Narang) is an independent boy who runs his own company called, “RUAN Publications.” He hates his dad, “MJ” as he had cheated him by having an affair with his girlfriend. However, later his hatred takes a form of respect and love. His business partner Ananya Dutt loves him but he considers her only as a friend and falls passionately in love with Maya Jai Singh. He marries Maya in Rishikesh and brings her to Roy Mansion, shocking Roys (2019-present)
  • Mritunjaya “MJ” Roy (Ashish Chaudhary) is a business tycoon and head of “MJ Group of Companies”, yet a womanizer. His such attitude made his mom hate him. He had a secret affair with his son, Rudra’s girlfriend also, which made Rudra hate him. But later on Rudra started respecting him. He also have a secret affair with Dr. Diya Mehta. His wife Antara however tolerates all this for the sake of her name as “Mrs Mritunjaya Roy.” He also cheated Manvi Singh and killed her unborn child which turned the innocence of Manvi Singh into the hatred of Maya Jaisingh (2019–present)

Jennifer Winget as Maya Mehrotra Kushal Tandon as Arjun Sharma Aneri Vajani as Saanjh Mathur Sumit Bhardwaj as Ayan Sharma, Arjun’s stepbrother Kiran Srinivas as Dr. Jitendra Kumar Srivastava, Saanjh’s fiance Rajesh Khattar as Ashwin Mehrotra, Maya’s father Kavita Ghai as Jhanvi Mehrotra, Maya’s mother .

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What happened in the past that there is so much hatred in her? Where will she stop?

Watch her revengeful journey on SonyLIV.

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When limitless love turns into limitless hatred, Beyhadh2 Maya (Jennifer Winget) is back with a brand-new season of Beyhadh 2, this time to take revenge from