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Shubharambh is an Indian TV Serial produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions. It premiered on 2 December 2019 on Colors TV and stars Mahima Makwana and Akshit Sukhija.

The show is an unusual love story of two distinct personalities who are imperfect as individuals but together, they discover new horizons. Their lives fit perfectly well into each other’s and they become  Ek aur Ek Gyraah to create an inspiring tale.


Shubhaarambh: A single shoe is meaningless without its pair, just like a perfect stitch requires a sui and a dhaaga or an earing that loses significance without its other half.  These things not just complement each other but are perfect together! Just like Raja (played by Akshit Sukhija) and Rani (played by Mahima Makwana),  the lead protagonists of COLORS upcoming fiction offering Shubharambh.

Situated in a small town of Gujarat, Raja and Rani come from opposite backgrounds; while Raja is born in the lap of luxury, Rani leads a humble life.

All is well until a tragedy hits Raja’s family when he loses his father and is left at the behest of his paternal uncle and aunt.

At a young age, Raja is made to take responsibility for his entire family on his shoulders and support his mother. Apart from taking care of his father’s suiting and shirting business, Raja looks after his entire family and leads a life by their principles.

But the only thing that is missing in his life is ambition and he doesn’t realise it until Rani enters his life. Rani, on the other hand is a  flamboyant girl who belongs to a humble family. Her father is an alcoholic while her mother pulls out all the strings to make ends meet.

Such adverse conditions never dampened Rani’s self-confidence and her eyes are always full of dreams.

But whenever she tries to take a big step towards the betterment of her own and family’s future, everyday challenges anchor her steps to the ground. Until she meets Raja and rediscovers her inner strength.

An eager beaver Rani ignites the spark in the otherwise directionless Raja and together they create magic and do a Shubhaarambh for this new life.



  • Mahima Makwana as Rani Reshammiya (nee’ Dave) : Vrinda’s daughter; Utsav’s and Chukki’s sister; Raja’s wife
  • Akshit Sukhija as Raja Reshammiya: Asha’s and Dhanwant’s son; Rani’s husband


  • Shubhangi Latkar as Vrinda Dave: Rani, Utsav and Chukki’s mother
  • Pallavi Rao as Asha Reshammiya: Dhanwant’s wife; Raja’s mother
  • Rakesh Kukreti as Dhanwant Reshammiya: Gunvant’s brother; Asha’s husband; Raja’s father
  • Meghan Jadhav as Utsav “Bhaila” Dave: Vrinda’s son, Rani and Chukki’s brother
  • Vaidehi Dharmecha as Chukki Dave: Vrinda’s daughter, Rani and Utsav’s sister; Popat’s wife
  • Rahul Patel as Popat Shah: Chukki’s husband
  • Jiten Lalwani as Gunvant Reshammiya: Dhanwant’s brother; Kirtida’s husband; Hitank, Mehul and Kesha’s father
  • Chhaya Vora as Kirtida Reshammiya: Gunvant’s wife; Hitank, Mehul and Kesha’s mother
  • Vikas Tripathi as Hitank Reshammiya: Kirtida and Gunvant’s son; Mehul’s and Kesha’s brother; Darshana’s husband
  • Dipna Patel as Darshana Reshammiya: Hitank’s wife
  • Aarjav Trivedi as Mehul Reshammiya: Kirtida and Gunvant’s son; Hitank’s and Kesha’s brother; Jharna’s husband
  • Astha Agarwal as Jharna Reshammiya: Mehul’s wife
  • Vaibhavi Mahajan as Kesha Reshammiya: Kirtida and Gunvant’s daughter; Hitank’s and Mehul’s sister
  • Roopa Divetia as Dhanvant and Gunvant’s aunt


Shubh Arambh Cast Details

Role Name  RoleReal Name
Raja ReshamiyaMale LeadAkshit Sukhija
Gunwant BhaiKirtida’s HusbandJiten Lalwani
JarnaRaja’s friendAstha Agarwal
DarshanaRaja’s bhabhiDipna Patel
KeshaRaja’s cousin sisterVaibhavi Mahajan
Rani DaveFemale LeadMahima Makwana
ChukkiRani’s sisterVaidehi Dhamecha
Kirtida ReshamiyaChhaya VoraRaja’s Elder Aunt
Vrunda Ben DaveRani’s motherShubhangi Latkar
Asha ReshamiyaRaja’s motherPallavi Rao
Heetang ReshamiyaRaja’s cousin brotherVikas Tripathi
Dhanwant BhaiRaja’s fatherRakesh Kukreti
Mehul ReshamiyaRaja’s cousin brotherAarjav Trivedi
Chagan Bhai DaveRani’s fatherPadmesh Pandit
Utsav DaveRani’s brotherMeghan Jadhav

SHUBHARAMBH SERIAL Date, Timing, Repeat Telecast

It premiered on 2 December 2019 on Colors TV.

Timing – Mon-Fri at 9:00 PM , Repeat Telecast – Mon-Fri at 11:30 AM / 04:30 PM / 6:00 PM

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