Why Mukesh Khanna is seen less on screen? He Never Begs for Roles

Why Mukesh Khanna is invisible on Small Screen Now-a-Days? He has tried to answer it in a Post at Instagram. Mukesh Khanna, the actor who played Bhishma Pitamah of Mahabharata and Shaktimaan, the first super hero of Indian TV. Mukesh’s name is still famous in the film and TV world and his discussions are still there. … Read more

Mahabharat Episode 77 Written Updates – 3rd Day of Great War of Kurukshetra

MAHABHARAT 5 MAY 2020 EPISODE 77 WRITTEN UPDATES – 3RD DAY OF GREAT WAR OF KURUKSHETRA:- we saw in previus episode 2nd Day of War was tough on Pandavas. Vishma was unstoppable not even by Arjun. Bhishma went through the Pandava formation wreaking havoc wherever he went, but Abhimanyu, Arjuna’s son, seeing this went straight at Bhishma. … Read more

Mahabharat Episode 76 Written Updates – 2nd Day of War

MAHABHARAT 4 MAY 2020 EPISODE 76  WRITTEN UPDATES: we saw in previus episode udisthir told all the warriors that the war was about to begin. At this time, any warrior who wants to change his camp is free to fight on whose behalf he wants. After this announcement, Dhritarashtra’s son Yuyutsu went to the Pandavas … Read more

Mahabharat Episode 75 Written Updates – Mahabharat Starts

MAHABHARAT 4 MAY 2020 EPISODE 75  WRITTEN UPDATES: we saw in previus episode On the battlefield of Kurukshetra,SHRI KRISHNA SHOWS DIVINE FORM. Now The Real Battle starts. MAHABHARAT EPISODE 75 WRITTEN UPDATES In Previous Episode we saw Krishna explains why Arjun must fight the battle to restore and attain peace. He asks Arjun to rise … Read more

Mahabharat 3 May 2020 Episode 73 Written Updates

MAHABHARAT 3 MAY 2020 EPISODE 73 WRITTEN UPDATES- We saw in previous episode that Arjun refuses to fight and kill his relatives and friends. After Initial Reluctance of Arjun, Sri Krishna gave him logical explanation that why Mahabharat is needed. This episode is also Continuation of Sri Krishna’s Teaching to Arjun. MAHABHARAT 3 MAY 2020 … Read more

Mahabharat 2 May 2020 Evening Episode 72 Written Updates

MAHABHARAT 2 MAY 2020 EVENING EPISODE 72 WRITTEN UPDATES- So Finally The war starts in Kurushetra. This Episode is about first day of Mahabharat. Arjun refuses to fight and kill his relatives and friends. Krishna tells him that “Atman (Soul) cannot be killed,” and advises Arjun to be strong. Krishna’s teaching to Arjun at the … Read more

Mahabharat 2 May 2020 Episode 71 Written Updates

MAHABHARAT 2 MAY 2020 EPISODE 71 WRITTEN UPDATES- In this episode we will see Arjuna got the blessing of Mother Durga. Krishna tells Arjun to seek Goddess Durga’s blessings for winning the war. Arjun prays to the Goddess. She tells him, “Wherever there is righteousness there is Krishna, and wherever there is Krishna, there is … Read more

How to Watch Mahabharat on Youtube?

HOW TO WATCH MAHABHARAT ON YOUTUBE? Mind you watching classics during lockdown has been the Lifesaver for us. You might have missed some episodes at DD National Telecast and eagerly searching for youtube links to watch it . we are here to save some some time. HOW TO WATCH MAHABHARAT ON YOUTUBE?

Mahabharat महाभारत 1 May 2020 Episode 69 Written Updates 

MAHABHARAT (महाभारत) 1 MAY 2020 EPISODE 69 WRITTEN UPDATES:- Watch This episode to know the Important incidents happened in Mahabharat EPISODE 69. कैसे बने शाल्य कर्ण के सारथी? How did Shalya become the charioteer of Karna? All the warriors except Balaram and Rukhmi (Rukmani’s brother) move towards the battlefield. Balaram remains neutral and both parties deny … Read more