The Kapil Sharma Show episode dated July 27, 2019: Kriti Sanon revealed how she shoots romantic scenes to look shorter in height.

Kriti Sanon goes on to explain how romantic scenes are shot and how she has to spread her legs and shoot a close up sequence to look shorter in height. She reveals that Shah Rukh Khan was quite okay to shoot with her in Dilwale as he had worked with tall actresses earlier.

Kiku Sharda as Achcha Yadav

Kiku Sarda comes on stage and Diljit cannot stop laughing seeing his mimicry skills. Kiku makes everyone laugh with his foreign accent and jokes. Kapil asks him to leave. Kiku leaves.

Kriti reveals that Varun has bro-zoned her and he keeps asking her to find a girlfriend for him. Kriti introduces her parents and informs that Varun’s mother is also present.