Bigg boss 13: Is the new friendship started between Shehnaz and Rashmi

#Rashmi Desai advises #Shehnaz Gill to remain focused in the game, is this the beginning of a new friendship? Seeing the proximity of Shahnaz and Siddharth, Rashmi tries to talk to Shahnaz and so she waits for Shahnaz to leave the bathroom in the bathroom area. When Shahnaz leaves the bathroom, Rashmi says that there … Read more

Bigg Boss 13: Why Rashmi Desai and Shefali are mocking Mahira

watch tonight at 10:30pm Rashmi and Shefali made a doll with a towel, making fun of it by making Mahira. Asim shows your sister Asim he says that my sister has a big mouth After taking it to Madhurima, she told Dol that Madhu aunt is this, Madhurima speaks directly on the month that it … Read more