Indian Idol 11: Will Ankona Mukherjee win indian idol trophy

Entering the wild card, the chhotialka ankona crossed the top 5. Will she be able to win the Indian Idol trophy as well. Watch the grand finale episode of Indian Idol11 this Sunday from 8 pm. Nobody knew that Ankona would enter such a strong voice from the wild card and would get so much … Read more

indian idol 11: who will win – ankona mukherjee or shahzan mujeeb

Now every one is asking who will be the winner of Indian Idol11. can Ankona Mukherjee defeat Shahzan Mujeeb. future will only tell for now watch their performance in upcoming episode. No one will sleep when Ankona and Shahzan sing in the duet performance Dharam Ji special episode on the stage of Indian Idol11 “Achha … Read more

Will Ankona make it to Top 16 in Superstar Singer?

Will Ankona make it to Super 16 in Superstar Singer or Top 16 in Superstar Siner List. 13-year-old girl Ankona Mukherjee who is based out of West Bengal is a great addition to show. #SuperAnkonaprepares to give her best to secure her place in the #Super16. Will she succeed? To find out watch #SuperstarSinger, tonight at 8 … Read more