Taapsee Pannu vs Kangana Ranaut- TAAPSEE shares a video that says KanganaRanaut a hypocrite

Taapsee Pannu Vs Kangana Ranaut Verbal war is getting interesting- TAAPSEE SHARES A VIDEO THAT SAYS KANGANARANAUT A HYPOCRITE. May be she is a Hypocrite or A Liar but then she is the one who has gutts to say the ugly truth. The dirt has to come out and she is the one who is bringing it out. Taapsee be a real fighter not the one who gives befitting reply on Twitter.

But then this is all my opinion.




Kangana Ranaut was invited onto a TV channel to speak on nepotism in the film industry and the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, allegedly by suicide. She called Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker “needy outsiders” and “B-grade actresses” in this interview. In a second interview, she referred to the as “Swara Bhasker, Taapsee Pannu-type log” and described them as “chaploos” or sycophants. “

 Kangana Ranaut said about nepotism in the film industry and actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death last month, allegedly by suicide: “I only have to lose here, because tomorrow they (referring to the ‘movie mafia’) will get some 20 needy outsiders like Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker who will say ‘oh only Kangana has a problem with Karan Johar, but we love Karan Johar.’ If you love Karan Johar, why are you both B-grade actresses? You are better looking than Alia Bhatt and Ananya, you both are better actresses, why don’t you get work? Your existence is a proof of nepotism. What are you telling me how happy you are with this industry?”

Responses of Taapsee & Swara

How this War started

It all started on 3rd July 2019, when Taapsee Pannu retweeted Ekta Kapoor’s post, sharing the ‘Judgemental Hai Kya’ trailer and wrote: “This is so cool!!!! Always had high expectations out of this one n this looks so worth it!”

Not too happy to see that the actress missed mentioning Kangana’s name, Rangoli lashed out in a tweet that read: “Kuch log Kangana ko copy kar ke he apni dukaan chalate hain, magar pls note, they never acknowledge her not even a mention of her name in praising the trailer, last I heard Taapsee ji said Kangana needs a double filter and Tapsee ji you need to stop being a sasti copy.”


In an exclusive interview with Mumbai Mirror, Taapsee surprised everyone by owning the “sasti” tag set by Rangoli. She said, “…She can’t play the nepotism card with me because I’ve also struggled to reach where I am today,” she argued, adding, “I didn’t want to engage in a word battle because I would not be able to match their language.”

Taapsee went on to explain why she thought Kangana needs a “double filter” and interestingly hit back at Rangoli’s jibe saying, “I didn’t know there was a copyright on curly hair, which I was born with, and honest opinions. I’m not going to apologise for it. As far as being “sasti” is concerned, Kangana claims to be the highest-paid actress, so I guess I am the “sasti” version.”

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