Superstar Singer Episode 3- Superstar Singer Top 16

Superstar Singer audition still continues. Superstar Singer Top 16 will be finalised today. In the continuation episode of Superstar Singer, the captains again introduce judges to the very talented little talents from different corners of India. The kids stun the judges with their singing talents. Watch the full episode on SonyLIV!

Be it singing alongside her father in the cafes of her city or winning the medal and a spot in the #Super16, she always gives captivating performances. Find out who makes it through the Final Audition along with her on #SuperstarSinger, this Sunday at 8 PM, only on Sony.

Superstar Singer Top 16- Episode 3: The Audition Continues

calm those pre-performance nerves to deliver a knockout performance! Will he succeed in impressing the judges? Find out tonight on #SuperstarSinger, at 8PM, only on Sony. 

Will the pressure to secure a place in the top 16, affect our children’s performances in the #FinalAuditions? Find out Tomorrow @ 8 pm in #SuperstarSinger only on Sony.




Shekinah Superstar Singer Contestant- Audition Performance


Superstar Singer Contestant- Thanu Audition

8.Tapolbhda Sardar






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