SuperStar Singer Episode 12 is a Dosti Special on the occasion of Friendship Day celebrated with one and only Badshah. On the occasion of legendary Kishore Kumar’s Birthday, our Superstar Singer Super Kids perform a Super Special tribute for him .

SuperStar Singer Episode 12

Soyab is getting better by the day, and with Captain Nitin by his side, we are sure he will get to his aim of defeating Captain Salman.

Super Kids are all set to give magical performances with their soulful voice and their Kishore Kumar medley will grace TONIGHT’S Superstar Singer Dosti Special episode at 8 PM.

No amount of “Tareefan” will be enough to tell our #GabruGhatak that is he is the best “DJ waale Babu” But now we are eager to find out if beloved Badshah is ready to give ‘Tareefan’ to our super kids? Find out tonighta at 8 PM only on  SonyLiv.