Super Dancer Chapter 3 Top 5 Decided- Super Dancer 3 Semi-Finale

Super Dancer Chapter 3 Top 5 is Decided now in Super Dancer 3 Semi-Finale. These are the names of semi-finalist.


image 10

Tejas Verma


image 8

image 5

Rupsa Batabyal


image 7

Gayashree Gordi


image 9

Saksham Sharma


image 6

Gaurav Sharvan

The semi finale episode of the Super Dancer 3 saw the experimental combination of ex-Super Dancer contestants. For instance, ex-Super Dancer winner Ditya Bhande will be seen surprising the viewers with present contestant Tejas Verma on the song ‘Chammak Challo’.Similarly, Rupsa and Deepali performed a duo on the song, ‘Hoto pe aisi baat’ and created the aura of Diwali celebration on the sets, the robotics girl Muskaan was paired with Gourav and Saksham will be seen performing with Bishal on ‘Tutak Tutiya’. Watch out for more interesting performances this weekend.

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