Rs 50,00,000 question to Deepjyoti KBC 11 Contestant

19-year-old Deep Jyoti won Rs 25 lakh in KBC 11 and left the game at Rs 50,00,000 question stop as she doesn’t know the answer.

Amitabh Bachchan asked Deepjyoti what would she do with the money won?

Amitabh Bachchan asked Deepjyoti what she would do with the money won today. On this, the Contestant said that she would help with the money to get her sister married and get her mother a new home.

Deep Jyoti, who grew up struggling with poverty and adversities, credited her success to her mother. After the father’s departure and after the brother’s death, Deepjyoti stood firmly with her family and faced the hardships of life together with the mother.

After winning the money at KBC, she looked very happy. Today, apart from Deep Jyoti, Madhuri of Maharashtra also sat on the hotseat.

Rs 50,00,000 question to Deepjyoti

The question was- Who was the first Indian director of the Indian Institute of Science- Bangalore, conceived by Jamsetji Nusirwanji Tata?

Options were-

A. Dorabji Tata,

B. CV Raman,

C. Homi Jehangir Bhabha,

D. Satish Dhawan

Deep Jyoti did not know the answer to this question, so he decided to quit here. Because on losing here, Deep Jyoti would have come to the amount of 3,20,000. After quitting, Deep Jyoti returned with an amount of Rs 25 lakh. After quizzing the game with Deep Jyoti, when the answer to the question was asked, he chose D. Satish Dhawan. While the correct answer was B. CV Raman.

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