Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush 8 August Episode at Colors TV showcassed the Mangalmay events surrounding Luv Kush Birth.

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Unaware of her identity, the women at the ashram question Sita’s character after learning of her pregnancy.

Then Sita replied how can a Single man live and work without being asked a single question, but why it is women who is always scrutinised.

However, Goddess Sarayu comes to her rescue, thus enabling her to stay at the ashram.

In Ayodhya Bharat seems restless and deep inremorse and he then talks to Mata Kaushalya that how would he allowed Ram and Sita to go in Forest.

Hanuman is very distressed to see Lord Ram in Great sorrow. Ram has done the unevitable but as his Rajdharma demanded, but in heart he is great pain.

With the passing months, a lonely Sita gives birth to her twin sons. Then Guru Valmiki ji named both as Luv and Kush. Witness this divine moment, on Voot!