Pranati reached the same orphanage to know about Jugnoo where her mother had buried a past years ago, will Pranati know the reality of that.

Pranati went to the orphanage to know about the firefly a day before her wedding, behind Pranati her mother also went to the same orphanage because she was afraid that Pranati might not know about her past which she kept suppressing for so many years Is, but when she went to Pranati, she saw the children of there doing all the work.

The head of the orphanage came to know about Pranati’s departure. She went to Pranati and asked him to go and when Pranati asked about Jugnoo, she said that she is in the hospital and okay you go here Otherwise, she will call the police, his mother was listening from behind. Pranati’s mother’s foot hit the stone from the window and the voice came from the window which the warden heard but could not recognize that these same ladies Land which was handed over to child pranati him the year before. Now will Pranati ever know the truth of that orphanage.