Mahabharat Episode 65 – 29 April updates- Watch Full Episode at YouTube

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Mahabharat Episode 65 29 April Updates

MAHABHARAT EPISODE 65 – 29 APRIL UPDATES- WATCH FULL EPISODE AT YOUTUBE- भगवान् श्री कृष्णा का विराट अवतार, दानवीर कर्ण | Mahabharat Stories | B. R. Chopra | EP – 65 .

As part of peace efforts, Krishna was sent as the messenger to the Kuru court at Hastinapur to make Duryodhana understand the importance of peace. … When Krishna enters the court of Hastinapura, Duryodhana is in consultation with Shakuni, Karna, and Dushasana as to who will lead the Kaurava army against the Pandavas.

Krishna goes to the court of Hastinapur and says, “Peach is a necessity. In war, people from both sides die, though only one side wins.” He suggests that Indraprastha be give back to the Pandavas, but Duryodhan insists that the Pandavas must return to the forest. Krishna then suggests that five villages be given to the five Pandava brothers.

Duryodhan finds the suggestion unacceptable and threatens to seize Krishna. Krishna discloses his divinity and leaves the court. Mahabharat is an Indian television series based on the Hindu epic.

 Krishna then proceeds further to say that it is not about who needs to win or who needs to lose in a battle, he suggests that there are “Athirathis and Maharathis” on both the sides, who want to fight in this battle, and questions whether the battle is a solution for all the problems with both the teams that wage the war.

He also says to give a thought on what the future would think and talk about the king who was always misled by his own thinking that he couldn’t think anything beyond accomplishing his Son’s desires, rather than protecting the interests of his subjects. He asks specifically to the king that if there is a dead body that comes to King Drutarashtra from the Pandavas, would he feel happy about it because it is his enemy’s side?

He advises that both Kauravas and Pandavas are his childern and they both should be looked at the same way as the king looks neutrally while deciding good for his subjects and that will be the best interest of the kingdom.

After a few more of this motivational and advisory talk, he suggests to give back the Indraprastha and let Pandavas lead their life in peace as they had completed the 13 years of exile that was imposed to them. When Duryodhana stands up and says that this proposal isn’t okay with him and if there is any other proposal he can think of it.

Then, Krishna advises both the King as well as the respected kinsmen that the King shouldn’t just listen to the Prince and gamble with the whole kingdom leaving the entire decisions for the benefit of his son.

Watch only on PEN Bhakti Channel – WATCH Mahabharat FULL EPISODE 65 AT YOUTUBE

Produced & Directed By – B.R. Chopra

Music Composer – Raj Kamal

Script – Rahi Masoom Raza

Presented By – PEN Studios

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Source: भगवान् श्री कृष्णा का विराट अवतार, दानवीर कर्ण | Mahabharat Stories | B. R. Chopra | EP – 65 – YouTube

Mahabharat Episode 65 cast: Who played which Mahabharat character

Shri Krishna – Nitish Bhardwaj

Bhishma Pitamah – Mukesh Khanna

Dhritarashtra – Girija Shankar

Yudhishthira – Gajendra Chauhan

Bhim – Praveen Kumar

Arjun – Feroz Khan (Arjun)

Draupadi – Roopa Ganguly

Duryodhana – Puneet Issar

Shakuni – Gufi Paintal

Karna – Pankaj Dheer

Guru Drona – Surendra Pal

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  2. Swapnil

    krishna gave a very good message, he knows that peace request will fail but still he gave his best. he tried till last moment

    • Team LatestTelly

      agree with you. Every episode of Mahabharat give a Life Lesson to us


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