Mahabharat Episode 64 Dated April 28 Update

Mahabharat Episode 64 Dated 28 April 2020 Update: A war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas looks inevitable but Krishna makes a last attempt for peace. Krishna arrives in Hastinapur and is flooded with valuable presents.

Duryodhana joins his family as they gather to welcome Krishna. The King presents a cow to him, and he humbly accepts it but refuses to stay in the palace.

क्यूँ भगवान् श्री कृष्णा बने शांतिदूत? | Mahabharat Stories | B. R. Chopra | EP – 64

Krishna pays his respects to Dhritrashtra and says, “Maharaj, in return I can only offer peace!” “We will talk after you have rested,” says Dhritrashtra. He tells Dushasan to take Krishna to the guestrooms, but Krishna refuses the offer and tells Dhritrashtra that he will be staying with Vidur. Duryodhan is annoyed with Krishna for refusing their hospitality.

Bhishma Pitamah shares his agony with Guru Drona, who is equally saddened by the turn of events. He knows that the big battle shall destroy not only relationships but people’s faith forever. And after seeing him lose hope, Guru Drona asks him to calm down, because until the conch for war is blown, they can still find out a way for peace.

Elsewhere, Shikhandi meets Shri Krishna and wonders why he has decided to visit the Kauravas to discuss peace. After listening to his views, Shri Krishna wonders if the entire family of Dhrupad is keen to wage war. Interestingly, everyone in the family is looking forward to avenging someone from the Kaurava clan.

As the scene shifts to Hastinapur, Bhishma Pitamah continues to worry about the future of his Kingdom. And as he expresses his fears, Vidur says that there’s still a ray of hope. He informs him about the arrival of Shri Krishna as Yudhishthir’s peace messenger. But Bhishma Pitamah, who is wise and experienced, knows what Shri Krishna will say to Dhritarashtra, the blinded King.

Next morning, Bhishma Pitamah and Vidur meet Dhritarashtra in the presence of Duryodhana and Shakuni, to inform him about the arrival of Shri Krishna. They appeal to him not to reveal his personal desires of seeing his son as the King. Therefore, the grandsire tells his nephew to think like a King and not as a father. But Duryodhana refuses to greet Shri Krishna, and to compensate for his absence, the King says that he shall shower luxuries on the peace messenger.

Mahabharat Episode 64

Source: Krishna visits Duryodhana Mahabharat Mahabharat Episode 64, April 28, Written Update: Shri Krishna reveals why he will never support Duryodhana

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  • Nitish Bharadwaj as Shri Krishna, Incarnation of Lord Vishnu/ Devaki-Vasudev’s eighth son/ Foster son of Nand and Yashoda, Radha’s Consort/ Balaram and Subhadra’s brother/ Pandavas’ cousin/ husband of Rukmini, Satyabhama and other 16106 queens/Lord Rama in the song sabso uchi prem sagaai .
    • Shampa Gopikrishna as Young Krishna
    • Kewal Shah as Adolescent Krishna
  • Mukesh Khanna as “Devavrata” Bhishma, Shantanu-Ganga’s eighth son / eighth Vasu / Satyavati’s step-son
    • Daboo Malik as Adolescent Bhishma
  • Gajendra Chauhan as Yudhishthir, 1st Pandav / son of Kunti and Yama / Eldest son of Kuru Clan / King of Indraprastha and later Hastinapura / husband of Draupadi
    • Sonu as Young Yudhishthir
  • Praveen Kumar as Bhim, 2nd Pandav / son of Kunti and Vayu / Second eldest son of Kuru clan / Yuvraaj(crown Prince) of Indraprastha / husband of Draupadi and Hidimba / father of Ghatotkacha
    • Mallik as Young Bhim
  • Arjun as Arjuna, 3rd Pandava / son of Kunti and Indra/ husband of Draupadi, Uloopi, Chitrangada and Subhadra / brother-in-law of Balaram-Krishna/ father of Abhimanyu
    • Ankur Javeri as Young Arjun
  • Sameer Chitre as Nakul, 4th Pandav, son of Madri and Ashwini Kumara / husband of Draupadi
  • Sanjeev Chitre as Sahadeva, 5th Pandav, son of Madri and Ashwini Kumara / husband of Draupadi
  • Roopa Ganguly as Draupadi, Wife of all Pandavas / Also called as Panchali / Yagyaseni / Younger daughter of Drupad/ Princess of Panchala / Sister of Dhrishtadhyumna and Shikhandi
  • Aloka Mukherjee as Subhadra, Arjuna’s 2nd wife/ Abhimanyu’s mother / Vasudev’s daughter / Krishna-Balaram’s sister / Yadava Princess
  • Puneet Issar as Duryodhan, Eldest son of Gandhari and Dhitarashtra / Elder brother of 99 Kauravas / Husband of Bhanumati
    • Amit Shukla as Young Duryodhan
  • Pankaj Dheer as Karna, son of Kunti and Surya / Adhiratha-Radha’s foster son / King of Anga
    • Harendra Paintal as Young Karna
  • Vinod Kapoor as Dushasan, Second son of Gandhari and Dhitarashtra / Duryodhan’s younger brother
    • Kaushal Shah as Young Dushasan
  • Gufi Paintal as Shakuni, Gandhari’s brother / later King of Gandhara
  • Girija Shankar as Hastinapur Naresh Maharaj Dhritrashtra, Vichitravirya’s son from Ambika(eldest) / later king of Hastinapur / father of Kauravas
  • Renuka Israni as Gandhari, wife of Dhritrashtra / Queen of Hastinapur / mother of Kauravas / princess of Gandhara
  • Tarakesh Chauhan as Pandu, Vichitravirya’s son from Ambalika(youngest) / King of Hastinapur / father of Pandavas
  • Nazneen as Kunti, Pandu’s first wife / mother of Karna, Yudhisthira, Bhim and Arjun / Daughter of Shoorsen / Vasudev’s sister / Yadava princess / Foster daughter of Kuntibhoj
  • Roma Manek as Madri, Pandu’s second wife / Madra princess / mother of Nakul and Sahadev
  • Virendra Razdan as Dasi Putra Vidur, the Mahaa Mantri of Hastinapur / son of Ambika’s head maid, Parishrami / half-brother to the kings Dhritarashtra and Pandu of Hastinapura and also the uncle of Pandavas and Kauravas
  • Surendra Pal as Dronacharya, Guru of Kauravas and Pandavas
  • Pradeep Rawat as Ashwatthama, son of Dronacharya
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