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Wow What a costly question it is- KBC 2019 7 crore Question asked by Amitabh Bachchan to Sanoj Raj. Kudos to Sanoj Raj, what a player he is. Salute to His knowledge.

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Get to know Sanoj Raj, the contestant who might answer the jackpot question right, a little better, and find out if he succeeds on #KBC.

Who is the first contentest in kbc 2019 to win 1 crore

Sanoj Raj becomes the first contentest in kbc 2019 to win rs. 1 crore and now has chance to win 7 crore. See what question was asked by Mr. Amitabh bachchan to Sanoj Raj for rs. 1 crore.

Don’t miss to watch 13th September episode of kbc Sanoj Raj hailing from Bihar win to chance rs. 7 crore.

Here’s the moment of victory for the first Crorepati of the season, Sanoj Raj! Relive his amazing achievement.

KBC 2019 7 crore Question

The right answer is C. Gogumal Kishanchand
sanoj don’t take risk becouse he didn’t know the answer and quite the game with take rs. 1 corore

Kudos to Sanoj Raj, what a player he is

A deserved player he is … what knowledge he have just wow… Today’s episode was epic.. The best line was when he was asked do u have any special person in life his answer was “ Mai apani aukat jantahu, isliye khabhi try nai kiya .. What an answer … All the best Sanoj for ur Future  – a user commented on Instagram

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