After Sanoj Raj we have another Crorepati in KBC house, KBC 2019 14 September Episode will see Amravati’s Babita Tade winning Rs 1 Crore. What a moment for her.

KBC 2019 14 September Episode- Amravati’s Babita Tade

Amravati’s Babita Tade wins Rs 1 Crore, along with all of our hearts and respect, with her heart stirring story, noble goals and outlook towards life on KBC 11, this Wed-Thurs, at 9 PM @amitabhbachchan.

KBC 2019 Rs 1 Crore Winners

Sanoj Raj becomes the first contentest in kbc 2019 to win rs. 1 crore and now has chance to win 7 crore. See what question was asked by Mr. Amitabh bachchan to Sanoj Raj for rs. 1 crore.