KBC 12 LAST QUESTION FOR REGISTRATION DATED 22 MAY 2020:- KBC 12 participation seekers will now have question 14 to answer for Getting entry in Level 1 of Digital Participation Process of KBC 12. This is the Last question for Level 1 of registration or Participation.

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On May 22, Amitabh Bachchan asked – once again questioned the cinema world. He asked- According to one song,

which of these actresses is Desi Girl, who appeared in the same song with Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham. Its options are –

A. Katrina Kaif,

B. Anushka Sharma,

C. Kareena Kapoor

and D. Priyanka Chopra.

The correct answer to this question is D. Priyanka Chopra. In the film Dostana of Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham, she was seen in the title song titled Desi Girl.

KBC 12 Question 13 for Registration Dated 21 May 2020

Which of these is made of bone?

A. Walrus Tusks
B. Rhino Horns
C. Deer Antlers
D. Elephant Tusks


KBC 12 Question 11 for Registration Dated 19 May 2020

Question 11. Which Role Mukesh Khanna Played in B R Chopra’s Mahabharat Serial?

Options are-


B.Lord Krishna



Option –C– is the right answer KBC 12 Q 11 .

KBC 12 Question 10 for Registration Dated 18 May 2020

Question 10. Which of These Words starts the Preamble of Indian Constitution?

Options are-

A.Justice Liberty & Equality

B.Truth alone Trimphs

C.We the People of India

D.Twenty Sixth Day of November 1949

Option C is the right answer KBC 12 Q 10 .

KBC 12 Question 9 for Registration Dated 17 May 2020


Question 9. The Name of which religion comes from the Sanskrit Root Word “Shishya” Meaning Disciple

Options are-





KBC 12 Question 8 for Registration Dated 16 May 2020

KBC 12 8TH QUESTION FOR REGISTRATION – World’s Largest Cricket Stadium Near Motera in Ahmedabad is Named in Honor of Which Legend?

a.Mahatma Gandhi

b.MorarJi Desi

c.Madhav Singh Solanki

d.Sardar Patel

Answer is D. Sardar Patel

KBC 12 Question 7 for Registration Dated 15 May 2020

KBC 12 Registrations Seventh Question- KBC 12 7th Question for Registration:-

Which is the first state the River Brahmaputra flows through on entering India?

A. Assam

B. Meghalaya
C. Arunachal Pradesh

D. Nagaland


KBC 12 Question 6 for Registration Dated 14 May 2020


KBC 12 Question 5 for Registration Dated 13 May 2020

KBC 12 Question 4 for Registration Dated 12 May 2020

What sport did 16-year-old Shafali Verma play for India at a World Cup in 2020?

Options are :

A. Hockey

B. Wrestling

C. Cricket

D. Badminton


KBC 12 2nd question for Registration 10 May 2020

In Movie Bala The Lead Character Played by Ayushmaan Khurana struggle with?

1.Greying Hair

2. Premature Ageing

3.Memory Loss

4.Premature Baldness

KBC 12 Question 1 for Registration


This is your chance to reach the KBC hotseat. Here is the question Number 12th of the KBC 12 registrations which is open for you to answer till 21th May, 9 PM.To register, download the Sony LIV app or send in your answer via SMS.

How to Participate in KBC 12 Registration Process?

To participate in the Competition, the user has to give the correct answer by choosing the correct option and sending the Entry in the manner prescribed in the grid below and as stated in the promotions of the Show:

Mode of participation Dial in numbers to be used SMS – 509093
SonyLIV App As per the flow defined in the – Sony Liv app

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