KBC 11 Episode 22 with Arti kumari, Rani Patel, Mohammad Yunus Dar

KBC 2019 Episode 22 started with Arti kumari from Darbhanga, Bihar who won the fastest finger and graced the Hot seat in Last episode. We will see KBC 11 Episode 22 with Arti kumari, Rani Patel, Mohammad Yunus Dar. We have All questions being asked in Episode 22 Covered here.

KBC 11 Episode 22 with Arti kumari, Rani Patel

The story of Arti Kumari is very inspiring. Arti Kumari, who despite battling cancer, is now on the hotseat.

Arti played till 3rd question in the last episode. In between the questions, Mrs Kumari, who works in a bank, shared how her family reacted to her cancer reports and how it has left a big impact on their lives.

She is a bank manager, currently posted in the regional office of the Indian Overseas Bank in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. She is in a long-distance marriage and her husband works in Darbhanga, Bihar.

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who is a cancer survivor took to Twitter to hail Arti Kumari’s fighting spirit. He wrote, “Very heartwarming to see Aarti Kumari’s fighting spirit, people like her are true inspiration to so many out there. @SrBachchan @SonyTV #KBC.”

Here are the questions Amitabh Bachchan asks Arti: 

Q. Which car brand owned by Tata Motors is named after a species of the cay family found in the forests of Central and South Camera?

Ans Jaguar

Q. Which country is “Sini” in the phrases Anglo-Sino, Sino-American and Sino-Indian?

Ans China

Q. Who among these is also known as Kunjakishore, Kunjavihari and Kunjeshwar?

Ans Krishna

Q. In December 2018, who was then appointed as the governor of the organisation whose logo can be seen here?

Ans Shaktikanta Das

Q. Which of these characters from the Indian epics is also known as “Vajrapani” and “Meghavahana”

Ans Indra

Q. In 2018, Rahi Sarnobat became the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold medal in which sport?

Ans Shooting

Q. Who purchased Lowther Castle for the venue of the 1888 Allahabad Congress Session when the British denied permission to use any public place?

Ans Maharaja of Darbhanga

Q. Which of these birds is known to dive at speeds of about 320km per hour, the fastest by a bird, toward its prey?

Ans Peregrine Falcon

question for rs. 5000/-

image 63
correct answer is : D sunil grover

question for rs. 10,000/-
image 64
correct answer is : C malini awasthi

question for rs. 20,000/-

image 65
correct answer is : B Jaguar

question for rs. 40,000/-

image 66
correct answaer is : C China

Arti take lifeline as flip the question and the question is:

image 67
correct answer is : A Krishna

question for rs. 80,000/-

image 68
correct answer is : B Shaktikanta Das

question for rs. 1,60,000/-

image 69
correct answer is : A Indra

question for rs. 3,20,000/-

image 70
correct answer is : D Shooting

question for rs. 6,40,000/-

image 72
correct answer is : A Maharaja of darbhanga
Arti take total lifeline used

question for rs. 12,50,000/-

image 73
correct answer is : C Peregrine Falcon
Arti is quit the game becouse she don’t know correct answer but her gase was right for C.

faster finger first question for new contentest : Rani Patel give right answer fast.

image 75

faster finger answer is :-

image 76

new contestant is Rani Patel:

image 77
she is by proffassion English Teacher.

1st question for rs. 1,000/-

image 78
correct answer is: C dil ko

2nd question for rs. 2,000/-

image 79
correct answer is: B panch phodan

3rd question for rs. 3,000/-

image 80
correct answer is: D tola

4th question for rs. 5,000/-

image 81
correct answer is: A arun

5th question for rs. 10,000/-

image 82
correct answer is: B extra oil production

6th question for rs. 20,000/-

image 83
correct answer is: D soniya gandhi
but Rani flip the question and the question is hare.

flip question is:

image 84
correct answer is: B Cow

7th question for rs. 40,000/-

image 85
correct answer is: D Rahat indori

8th queston for rs. 80,000/-

image 86
correct answer is: D Bhaskaracharya
Rani gives wrong answer and she down rs. 10,000/-

questions Amitabh Bachchan ji asks Rani Patel are:

What are the continuing lyrics to the song, “Chura liya hai tumne jo…“?

Ans C) Dil Ko

Which of these is a mixture of 5 spices?

Confused, Rani opts for her first lifeline – audience poll.

Ans B) Panch Phodan

Which unit is not used to measure land?

Ans D) Tola

Which name means the ‘morning sun’ in Sanskrit?

Ans A) Arun

What is the key cause of acne in humans, especially in their teens?

Rani opts for 50-50 lifeline.

Ans B) Extra oil production

With this Rani clears the first quarter and wins Rs 10,000 which means that she will now get 60 seconds instead of 45 seconds to answer the next set of questions.

Who was the only female Congress leader to be elected from UP in the 2019 elections?

In a dilemma, Rani chooses to flip the question. The right answer was Sonia Gandhi.

According to the Puranic beliefs, what kind of a creature was Kamodev?

Ans B) Cow

Identify the shaayar speaking these lines. (Audio plays in the backdrop)

Ans D) Rahat Indori

Which of these eminent figures of ancient India is not connected with Ayurveda?

Rani answers B) Sushrut which is wrong. The correct answer is Bhaskarcharya.

next faster finger first question for new contenstent’s is

image 87

correct line is:

image 89

Mohammad Younis Dar has given right answer for faster finger question.

image 91
By profession he is Teacher in Jammu N Kashmir

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