KBC 11 episode 29 will be fun to watch as a Astrologer Pandit Hariom Shastri from Indore is joining Hotseat with Amitabh Bachchan. We will be listing KBC 11 26 September 2019 Episode All Question and Answers here.

When Amitabh Bachchan funnily asked what is your stars today, Pandit ji said very good indeed. This epsiode promises to be a educational and full of funny quotes.

KBC 11 26 September 2019 Episode with Pandit Hariom Shastri from Indore

KBC 11 26 September 2019 Episode with Pandit Hariom Shastri from Indore

A very interesting game will be played when Pandit Hariom Shastri from Indore, MP takes the Hotseat! Watch how he fares in the game on #KBC11.

Pandit Hari Om Sharma’s dream of sitting in the Hotseat opposite Amitabh Bachchan indeed came true. Will this dream run continue while he plays the game, and will he win big amounts tonight? 

No he doesn’t. He won just 10,000 rs.

KBC 11 26 September 2019 Episode All Questions and Answers

toughest question from today’s episode:

50 years of which event in human history was celebrated on 20th July 2019?

Answer: Man on the moon

Amitabh Bachchan starts the fastest fingers first. Ashwini Bhosale from Kalyan (Maharashtra), makes it to the hot seat. 

Questions to Ashwini Bhosale from Kalyan

How are noodles, burgers, pizza and french fries categorized?

Fast food

Goddess Saraswati is specially worshipped on which occasion?

Vasant Panchami

Which has the highest value?


Which is the fifth gate of Shaniwar Wada besides Dilli, Khidki, Ganesh and Narayan gates?


According to Ramayana, who was also called Rajshri and Brahmarishi?


In which Indian city would you be if you were landing at the Veer Savarkar International Airport?

Port Blair

The name of which Upnishads or ancient philosophical books means ‘the great forest book’?

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

Questions to Anil Joshi from Nagpur

Which player’s forename means colossal?

Virat Kohli

What does the ‘e’ mean in e-mail?


Which piece of art from the king is involved in castling in a game of chess?


Which river passes through the most number of states in India?


What is the name of the science that studies solid Earth?


Which of these TV programs is hosted by Bear Grylls?

Man vs Wild

Which political party is not correctly matched to its founder?

TDP – Chandrababu Naidu

Founded by MA Abraham, which company is India’s largest offshore drilling services provider to oil companies?

Aban Offshore

Which river did the soldiers of Alexander refuse to cross during his Indian campaign, which caused the Greeks to withdraw?