Kasautii Zindagii Kay Latest Updates 08-08-2019- Anurag wants Prerna back at Any cost

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Latest Updates dated 08-08-2019- Anurag wants Prerna back at Any cost and it is evident from his desperate and near mad attemps to get her back. Prerna is shocked by Anurag’s desperate attempts at getting her back. Later, a revenge-fuelled Anurag engages in a fierce argument with Mr Bajaj.

Anurag asks prerna to come back to him as how he has everything which she ever desired and even more than that. But prerna strongly retorts saying this can never happen and you are destroying yourself in revenging.

Mihini and Nivedita saw prerna and they were visibly angry with her. They angrily ask prerna to go back and never to come again.

But Anurag somehow calm down and send them in. Prerna once again requested anurag to leave them alone and not to take their house as every one in Bajaj family has their memory attached with it.

Then Anurag offered a deal to prerna that he will leave thwm alone on condition that she will return to him.

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