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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 6th August 2019 Latest Updates

‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’ Latest episode dated 6th August 2019 starts with Mr Bajaj chatting with His Masi. When his Mausi asks him about being emotional today he confers her it is indeed of happiness. He is very happy that His daughter mingled well with prerna and his marriage seems a great decision.

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Then story moves to Anurag where he offered 50% profit to those employees who have ditched him for Mr Bajaj. In a way he is trying to take a revenge.

Nivedita was stunned to see anurag behaving this wayand she asked the reason. Then Anurag disclosed that it is all for the revenge for the Pain submitted by Mr Bajaj.

Next Mr Bajaj was very happy to see Kuki extremely cheerful and getting along with Prerna. That Moment Anurag entered Bajaj’s House. While talking Mr Bajaj suggested anurag to move on in his life.

Then Anurag retorted saying that he is taking bajaj’s house and it will of his from Tommorow.

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