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Kasauti jindagi ki -13th august latest updates Kuki missing in Basu Baadi

Mr bajaj came home and enquired about kuki. Maasi said she was playing with prerna and asked bajaj to wait so that she would ask prerna. They found out Kuki is not with prerna and was missing for some time.

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So everybody started searching whare is kuki. Mr bajaj spoke angrily to prerna because she don’t care for kuki and it was beacause of her she is missing.

Later Kuki was found fainted in store room and it is Maasi and Tanvi who have locked her inside store room.

Then Maasi Calls doctor and informs about Kuki’s health. Upon asking she tells doctor that it is the fault of New Mom of Kuki.

after that in room maasi and tanvi talk each other tanvi said Maa it was your plan to lock kuki inside as you were knowing already that kuki can not withstand the dark room as she is afraid ot it.

Then Maasi scolds Tanvi saying what you were supposed to do has already finished by Prerna.

Kuki try to tell prerna that someone has locked the room and switched off the lights but at that precise moment tanvi and maasi comes in between and stops kui from revealing everything.

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