India’s Best Dancer Episode 6 – The Final Top 12 Contestants

So finally we have THE FINAL TOP 12 CONTESTANTS in India’s Best Dancer. INDIA’S BEST DANCER EPISODE 6 was fun and great to watch, we saw every one competing at their best.

With Sadhwi and Rutuja getting selected in the Top 12 List, there are now only 10 positions left to fill in.

With a lot more expectations, the final round of Mega Auditions starts.


The episode begins with a dazzling performance of the choreographers, Amardeep, Pratik, Paul, Himanshu, Tushar and Pankaj.

Watch the full episode here.


1. Sadhwi in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

dance off between Rutuja, Sadhwi and Sanjana aka the ‘Teen Deviyan’ leave an effective impression on the judges.

2.Rutuja in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

Sadhwi and Rutuja become the first two contestants to secure a place in the ‘Top 12’. 

3.Mukul in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

The first dance-off battle is between Prince and Mukul. While Mukul’s solo performance leaves the judges with a goosebump, Prince’s solo dance also receives praises.

4.Tiger Pop in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

The second dance-off battle sees Tiger Pop and Jatin competing against each other. Jatin’s solo dance fails to exceed Geeta Maa’s expectation.

But, Tiger’s solo performance makes every choreographer go and give him a tight hug. And after their dance-off, the judges decide that Tiger deserves to be in the ‘Top 12’.

Meanwhile, the third dance-off battle between Subhranil and Raj gets them immense praise from the judges. The next contestants to battle are Mahammad and Harsh, who get a standing ovation for their performance.

5.Akib in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

The judges could not resist in announcing the FOURTH FINALIST of #BestBarah Akib.

Mahammad also succeeds in entering ‘Top 12’. The last dance-off battle is between Parmdeep, Prachi and Aman, which is also applauded by the judges.

Finally, it’s time to decide the remaining positions, where deserving candidates Parmdeep, Mukul, Subhranil, Himanshi, Raj, Sonal, Shweta and Adnan are selected by the judges.

6. Parmdeep in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

Paramdeep’s beautiful performance leaves the judges speechless.

7. Subhranil in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

Subhranil’s extremely graceful dance performance rewards him with compliments from the choreographers as well as the judges.

8. Himanshi in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

9. Raj in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

10. Sonal in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

dance off battle witnesses Sonal and Vishnu competing with the same dance style, Krumping.

11. Shweta in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

12. Adnan in Top 12 India’s Best Dancer

Top 12 India’s Best Contestants Names / Lists

Sadhwi MajumdarAgartala
Rutuja JunnarkarPune
Tiger PopDelhi
Raj SharmaGwalior
Sonal VichareMumbai
Himanshi GurheriyaHaryana
Mukul GainRaipur
Subhranil PaulSiliguri
Adnan Ahmed KhanGuwahati
Paramdeep SinghUttar Pradesh
Swetha WarrierKerela
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