India’s Best Dancer Episode 4 Written Updates on 08-03-2020

INDIA’S BEST DANCER EPISODE 4 is the Best episode of INDIA’S BEST DANCER, watching Terence Lewis dancing in full flow is really awesome.


The show starts with Ashish Das, whose slick moves impress Terence and gets a flying kiss from Malaika. He seeks blessings from the judges, as he gets selected.

There, Geeta reminisces shooting for the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’s song Tujhe Yaad Naa Meri Aayi, when she was assisting choreographer Farah Khan.

Further, Sanjana Sharma, a belly dance teacher stuns with her belly dancing moves. She gets a compliment from Malaika, who says she wants to learn belly dancing from her.

Next comes Sanjana Sharma India’s Best Singer Contestant

Sanjana Sharma India's Best Singer Contestant

Next, Jatin from Jaipur arrives who considers Terence as his mentor. Watching his performance, Terence feels blessed to have such dancers who consider him as his teacher. There, on Jatin’s mother’s insistence, who is also a big fan of Terence, he dances on a romantic track with her.

image 50

Today comes, India’s viral Baba Jackson enters India’s Best Dancer to perfect himself, proving that fame isn’t enough.

 Baba Jackson  enters India's Best Dancer

Later, Furpaan’s dance holds everyone’s attention, leading him to his selection.

Furkaan TheBest comes to India’s Best Dancer to make his own space with his unique style!

image 48

The judges are also mesmerised by the moves of Dafisha from Shillong. She tells that she belongs to the Khasi tribe, who are popular for their singing and not dancing, and it’s her dream to become the first popular dancer who would represent her tribe.

image 51

She gets the 3 best buzzers. Later, her dance with Terence turns out to be one of the highlights of the episode.

image 52

At the end, the judges do an exception when they select a group of 3 dancers, Swaraj, Som and Prakash, who would now compete as individuals in the show. 

image 53

Keep watching Sonal The Best in India’s Best Dancer.

Her emotions, expressions and her dance are enough to tell her story!

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