India’s Best Dancer Contestant- JATIN Best Performance

In India’s Best Dancer coming Episode we will see contestant JATIN’s Stunning Performance and that SHOCKS The Judges.

He is from Jaipur. Jaipur’s Contestant Jatin considers Judge Tarant Lewis his inspiration. He offers a sample of great dance. After the dance, Jatin said that he has met Terence Lewis in every competition. Whenever Terence competed in the competition, he became the winner of the show.


Like teacher, like student. Hold your breaths for the performance of Young Terence, #JatinTheBest in #IndiasBestDancer, Sat-Sun at 8 PM.


Jatin says that after seeing his dance, Terence gave free scholarship of 1 lakh in his dance class. Jatin further says that my dream is to perform in front of my mentor Terence from once.

Geeta Kapoor got a glimpse of Judge Terence Lewis in Jatin’s dance. Geeta Kapoor praising Jatin, says that when you were performing on this stage, my hair stood up. Looking at you, it seemed as if Young Terence had returned. It seemed to be a small dance dance. Have a young version

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