Indian Idol 2020 Trends- Why #DadlaniFacts is Raging at Twitter Today?

Indian Idol 2020 Trends- Why #DadlaniFacts Is Raging At Twitter Today and what is it’s Indian Idol Connection.

Why #DadlaniFacts Is Raging At Twitter Today?

It started trendng when DieHard AAP supporter Ace Music director claimed that the song ‘Ae Mere Vatan Ke Logon’ was sung by Lata ji in 1947 for Nehru. This song was first performed in 1963 in memory of Indian Soldiers who died in 1962 war against China.

So Now users at Twitter have started asking How is @SonyTV allowing such fake political propaganda?

But it has started series of Funny Tweets :-

Bheegey Hoth Tere was sung by Kunal Ganjawala for the 1st time in 1952 when Edwina visited India to meet Pt. J L Nehru. #DadlaniFacts.

@BefittingFacts at TWITTER

Elton John wrote and sang Sacrifice in 2004 after Sonia Gandhi made supreme sacrifice by not becoming the Prime Minister. #DadlaniFacts

Kumar Sanu ji sang the song “Dheere dheere pyar ko badhana hai.. hadd se guzar jaana hai” for Kejriwal ji during his college days. #DadlaniFacts

Altaf Raja sang tum to thehre pardesi for nehru when he realized Edwina would be leaving india after independence. #DadlaniFacts

Indian Idol 2020 Dadlanifacs Tweets

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