Entering the wild card, the chhotialka ankona crossed the top 5. Will she be able to win the Indian Idol trophy as well. Watch the grand finale episode of Indian Idol11 this Sunday from 8 pm.

Nobody knew that Ankona would enter such a strong voice from the wild card and would get so much praise from all the judges and guests. On the day of Ankona’s entry, in front of industry legend Singer Alka Yagnik, singing the same song sung by her and then with Alka Yagnik herself, if any Alka can be made in the future, then you are Ankona and from today all you chhotialka would say.


After this, as the journey of Ankona progressed in such a way that more than one started giving performance and everyone’s heart became successful. Now just to see if Ankona will be able to do the Indian Idol trophy.

Can she be Indian Idol 11 Winner?

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