indian idol 11: What gift did Alia Bhatt send for Rishabh Chaturvedi

Will Varun Dhawan be able to fulfill Rishabh’s wish to meet Alia bhatt?

We all know how big a fan of Indian Idol 11 contestant Rishabh Chaturvedi was to Alia Bhatt, he went to Alia’s house to meet him but could not meet due to security but he also did not give up on the set of Indian Idol. Whatever actor actors come to promote their film, their throw is seen about Alia or they are trying to meet someone.

Something similar happened when Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor came on the sets of Indian Idol for the promotion of their upcoming film Street Dancer 3, Varun Dhawan told Rishabh that when I came here, I was told by Aditya Narayan that you are very big of Alia If you are a fan and you are not able to meet them, then Alia has sent something for you, in the film Humpty ‘Sharma Ki Dulhania’, Alia chose a red color dupatta, she was Rishabh Chat Varun Dhawan was very happy with the hand of Varun, who was sent for dupatta, and he embraced the dupatta with his performance ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ Tujhko Banke Banne Badri Ki Dulhaniya …’

after listening to this, Varun Dhawan said That your voice is perfect for today’s heroes, then Rishabh who had prepared two songs for Alia also narrated that after that Varun Dhawan was very happy and said that I am doing a recording of your song with the film Alia and I will narrate it to Karan Johar and now I will sing a song in whatever movie I will do with Alia and Shraddha, everyone was very happy to hear that. Now let’s see when Rishabh can meet Alia Bhatt.

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