Indian Idol 11: meet 2nd wild card entry contestant stuti tiwari

Stuti Tiwari 2nd Wild Card Entry Contestant in Indian Idol 11.

Stuti Tiwari, who came to the Indian Idol on the 2nd wild card contest, was eliminated in the Top 15, but as soon as Praise came on stage, Adriz Ghosh lost his senses and he looked very happy and everyone called him Adriz When the praise comes back, all the judges thought that Adriz liked the praise because Rishabh told that Adriaz was very upset when the praise was eliminated and cried too. These were for 4 days.

Now talking about the praise, Pragya said that this time she has come with complete preparation, the deficiency that was left earlier, I will complete all the deficiency where I had mistaken, she will do everything right because I am getting second chance when I get eliminated. When I went home, I listened to the recording of all the songs again and all of them were missing, when Praise sang the song ‘Chupke Chupke Chupke Se ….’, then all the judges said that your song will come in Aj Bikul was perfect and you will have the recording studio for your voice is perfect to see now that the lead How was your journey praise.

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