Salutations from Indian Idol for making ‘Disco King’ Bappi Da such a great song in these 50 years. Today’s performance details of the top 8 contestants of Indian Idol.

Bappi Da completed 50 years in the film industry and gave more than one song to our industry, more than 50 films, whose celebration is being celebrated on the stage of Indian Idol today. Bappi Dr. said that Indian Idol has a special place in my heart that is why I came here today.

Rishabh chaturvedi sung a song ‘de de pyar de pyar de hame pyar de….’

Shahzan Mujeeb sung a song ‘thodi si jo pi li hai…..’ #ShandaarShahzan is all set to win you over with this performance of his tonight.

Ankona Mukherjee sung a song ‘ mujhe naulakha mangade re o saiya diwane….’ #ChotiAlkaAnkona is all set to win you over with her beautiful voice.

After the sung a song of Ankona, Bappi Da said that he did not even think that you were going on stage, that you were singing in the recording studio, my blessing is that you will go much further.

meet Panga team in indian idol 11

Rohit Rao sung a song ‘Ki page ghungroo….’ Bappi da gave Rohit a lot of blassings for his perfect performance.

Ridham Kalyan sung a song ‘yaad aa raha hai tera pyar…..’ #RhythmicRidham‘s Entertaining performance tonight flickered the stage of #IndianIdol11.

Adriz Ghosh Sung a song ‘Dil me ho tum aankho me tum……’ After singing this song from Adriz, Bappi da went to Bengali and entertained all the audience.

Stuti Tiwari sung a song ‘Raat baaki baat baaki hona hai jo ho jaane do…..’ Raat baaki, #SuriliStutee ki performance bhi hai baaki!

Sunny Hindustani sung a song ‘Manjile apni jagah hai raste apni jagah hai…..’ Bappi da signed Sunny to record her new song, what would be bigger than this, for Sunny.