On the stage of Indian Idol ‘Love Aaj Kal 2’ star cast Sara Ali Khan asked who is Adriz’s love.

Sara Ali Khan told Adriz in front of everyone on the stage of Indian Idol that you say that you do not miss anyone or someone does you But your Instagram account is saying something else and you are also missing someone and she is also doing it, Let us explain you in a little detail, then Sara Ali Khan telling Aditya Narayan, that photo is shown on the TV screen in front of everyone.

In which Adriz Ghosh and Stuti Tiwari are in the back together and the message below for stuti is written, And this message was written by none other than Adriz himself for Stuti. I Miss You every minute, every day, every moment, whole time. This clearly shows that Stuti and Adriz both love each other. Even before this, when Stuti was again in the wild card entry, Adriz Ghosh was very happy.