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‘Ghost’ on Shahnaz Gill in Bigg Boss 13- ‘Ghost will kill me’

The 13th season of Bigg Boss is in the news. Not only the show but people are also very much liking the promos of the show. In such a situation, now a new promo has come out in which Shahnaz Gill is seeing a different style.

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At the same time, seeing the new incarnation of Shahnaz, the rest of the contestants are not laughing.

‘Ghost’ on Shahnaz Gill in Bigg Boss 13

At the beginning of the promo, Shehnaaz is seen saying – ‘Oye Koena kya kya karega’. Only after saying this, Shahnaz starts acting like a ghost. At the same time, Siddharth Dey lying next to Shahnaz is also scared of this avatar and moves away. But Shahnaz does not give up her chase and visits her in a ghostly manner. On which Siddhartha says – forgive mother.

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