Chinki Minki do double beijaati of Chandu- The Kapil Sharma Show

Chinki Minki is now a very famous character in the The Kapil Sharma Show. Chinki and Minki enter the stage along with Chandan Prabhakar who played the Chandu Dhababala Character in the show. It is very hilarious indeed.


Chinki Minki in The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 Episode – 61

Chandu complains to Kapil about the twin sisters that they have not paid for the meal they had at his ‘dhaba’.

Chinki and Minki accuse Chandan of serving them khoya paneer without paneer and giving them soya sauce without soya.

Chandan gives them a hilarious explanation for it. After the two sisters leave, Chandan feels he has been fooled by the girls. Kapil tells him it’s good to be fooled by beautiful girls.

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