Big Breaking News- as KAPIL SHARMA AND SUNIL GROVER REUNITED AGAIN but here ends the good news They have united to perform together at a wedding after long but Not For The Kapil Sharma Show.

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It seems Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, who had turned their backs against each other after the infamous flight incident, have made their peace. The two recently performed at a wedding together alongside singer Mika.

In the video that has been shared by Kapil, he can be seen grooving to a retro Bollywood song. Sunil and Mika cheer him on. Kapil’s so engrossed in the performance, that it makes Sunil joke that it feels it is Kapil’s own wedding.

 Sharing the video on Twitter, Kapil wrote: “It was such a special and beautiful evening paaji. Thanks for all the love and warmth. God bless the beautiful couple and congratulations to the whole family and friends.”

Take a look at the video here: Watch KAPIL SHARMA AND SUNIL GROVER performing together