Arhan Khan has hidden such a big truth from Rashmi Desai.

In yesterday’s episode, we saw how Salman Khan brought the reality of Arhan Khan to Rashmi Desai and the whole world Because Arhan Khan proposed Rashmi Desai in front of the entire television.

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For the good, Salman Khan told Rashmi her this truth, which is very important for any girl. In fact it was Arhan Khan already has a child who he hid from Rashmi Desai and when Salman Khan came to know about this He thought it important to tell Rashmi Desai.

when Rashmi Desai came to know that she felt very bad With which she cried a lot, but Salman Khan rebuked Arhan Khan a lot and said why did you hide this thing Hearing this from Rashmi, all the family members were surprised.

Not everyone was convinced Aarti even threatened Arhan Khan And he said very well that Salman Khan himself could not understand how to handle this situation, In the same way, he is very upset with the actions of the family.