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Shehbaz told such things in front of Salman Khan in the weekend of the house in front of his house, on hearing which the family and Salman Khan could not stop their laughter.

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During Salman Khan Weekend’s War, she tells Shahbaz that you should show Shukla by copying and after that all is done.Then Salman Khan tells the chef that now imitate the Shahnaz and show it, then he said that it is a flipper. Then Shahnaz says that the mother who came to interview at home was not ready, then she asked that she should talk to Shahnaz’s mother Papa, then Shahnaz’s mother said that they are out of the house, all the people are on this lot went.

#ShehnaazGill and Shehbaz, while telling the story of their mother dad, made @beingSalman Khan suffer from happiness!
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After that, Shehbaz told that we have made Bigg Boss so mad that today Bigg Boss told him that Shehbaz you wear your mic, but the Bigg Boss himself forgot to wear his mic, his voice was not coming after all. And Salman Khan used to lie down on the ground.

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