Even after Salman Khan’s warning to Siddharth Shukla, he will be separated from Shehnaaz.

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Shahnaz Kaur Gill saw a lot of drama during the weekend. After receiving the tag of jealousy from Mahira, she started crying bitterly and then Salman scolded her fiercely. After that, she could not come in front of Salman all the time. Shahnaz said, ‘I spoke to Salman sir with a finger. Insulted him. Because of this, she will not be able to get eyes on him. ‘ At the same time, Shahnaz insisted on going outside the house. During this, Siddharth Shukla tried to convince him a lot but he did not agree. At the same time, Salman explained to Siddharth that he should stay away from Shehnaaz.

Salman says, ‘Shahnaz has fallen in love with you, so Siddhartha needs you to be careful. After coming out of the house it will be very difficult for him. At the same time, Salman also explains to all family members that no one will say anything about this to Shahnaz. Now the show has a new promo. In this, Shahnaz is once again trying to convince Siddharth. She hugs Siddharth again and again.

After much persuasion of Sana, Siddhartha also embraces him. Then Shahnaz tells Siddharth, ‘I don’t win this show. I want to win you over. I love you I don’t mean anything to anyone else here. ‘ Siddharth, meanwhile, does not respond to Shehnaz. Shehnaaz then says that you too have come to love me.

It seems that what Salman has said is absolutely correct. Shehnaz has really fallen in love with Siddharth. Earlier, Shahnaz has always been seen saying t