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Siddharth_Shukla and Paras Chabada had a Discussion on the talk of Arhan Khan with Shefali! Will Paras tell the whole truth to Rashami desai.

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Siddharth and Paras were in the secret room and they were talking about Arhaan Khan speciallly, in which Arhan desks with Shefali. Arhaan was so himself that he was belitting Rashmi Desai.

Siddharth and Paras are talking about Arhaan Khan in secret room

Regarding Rashmi that whatever happened here today because of Arhaan, when I met Rashmi, there was zero balance in her account. How he brought Rashmi from today to today, she knows my heart. Hearing these things, both Paras and Siddharth started laughing and became angry with Arhan Khan. How can Arhan Khan speak like this about any girl, see what Salman Khan says this time of the weekend, to Arhan Khan. watch full episode Tonight 10.30 pm.

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