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every one wants to know why did salman khan suddenly become so angry with shehnaaz Gill. In the episode of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ weekend, the family had a lot of fun.

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The film star Deepika Padukone and Vikrance Massey arrived at the house. Along with these two, acid attack Survivor Lakshmi Aggarwal also came to promote her film. At the end of the episode Salman Khan erupted at the act of Shahnaz Gill.

Actually, there has been a long-running feud between Shehnaz and Mahira. People say that Shahnaz is jealous of Mahira. On the other hand, Shahnaz continues to deny this. With this behavior of Shahnaz, Salman starts his class. Shehnaz and Mahira are given a task. In this, hearts are placed in front of both. When the householders say that yes Shahnaz is burning with Mahira, on hearing this, Shahnaz starts crying badly. At the same time, Salman asks Sana to treat him with respect. Do not drama to cry too much. You are a prisoner. As soon as she says this, Sana herself starts beating and crying.

Salman Khan angrily tells Shehnaaz to be taken out of the house and asks Bigg Boss to open the door. After this, Shehnaz sits down at the main door of the house crying and starts crying badly. In the midst of this high-voltage drama by Shahnaz, Salman angrily enters the house.

Salman calls inside the house to explain Siddharth and Shehnaaz but Shehnaaz refuses to come inside. After this, Salman says that Shukla does not need to convince anyone that much. Sana then tells Salman that I have to talk to you. Then Salman angrily says that Badamji has no role in this house. What did four men know about this, Katrina Kaif started to consider herself.

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